Playing For Your Supper
Playing For Your Supper      oil, sculpture, fabric, found objects on canvas       48" x 48"|

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Works on Canvas - 3D Peoplescape

I first conceived of this technique over twenty years ago, combining my love for sculpting and painting.  Experiencing the characters come to life is thrilling to me, and the third dimension has supplied a valuable tool for integrating the social message with the painting's overall design and form. My decision to transform an oil on canvas Peoplescape into a 3D painting is intuitive and often not part of the original conception. Once I break the plane of the canvas, I selectively incorporate sculpture, found and created objects, fabric, and paper as the narrative unfolds.

Live Worms Gallery

Check, Please

Check, Please
      oil, sculpture, fabric, found objects, jewelry on canvas   36" x 36"

A cerebral game of chess is being played between the forces of good and evil,
where good is winning. The cat watches as the devilish powers disregard
the rules and attempt an underhanded invasion.


Day at the Circus
      oil, sculpture, fabric, mixed media on canvases      48" x 48"

Patriot Act

Patriot Act
      oil, sculpture, tile, fabric, paper, found objects on canvas     24" x 36"

The tranquil and panoramic hot-tub setting, where the characters privately
luxuriate, is in stark contrast to the provisions of the Patriot Act, which seductively
diminishes our fundamental liberties.


Metro Underground
      oil, sculpture, fabric, paper, mixed media on canvas        48" x 48"

The urban subway captures a multi-cultural moment in time. The train’s signage addresses
universal health, reproductive rights and safe-sex issues


Backstage      oil, sculpture, fabric, found objects on canvases      
36" x 36"

dressing room

The Dressing Room , oil, sculpture & mixed media on canvas    30" x 40"

This backstage glimpse of the dressing room during a performance addresses our relationship
to ourselves -- how we feel and how we appear to the world.  The costumed subjects are staring
at their own reflection, while preparing to take on another persona.

Lobby by Nancy Calef

The Lobby, oil, sculpture, fabric, found objects on canvas, 36" x 36"

Zoned by Nancy Calef

      oil, sculpture & mixed media on canvas      24" x 24"


The Threshold    oil, sculpture, found objects, mixed medial on canvas    40" x 30"

No. 72 - Barry Bonds

No. 72 - Barry Bonds
       oil, sculpture, fabric, found objects on canvas          30" x 40"

Sponsored by BALCO, Enron, and the other bad boys, is Barry Bonds’ home run record tainted?


Cruising       oil, sculpture, fabric, found objects on canvas     40 " X 30"

Flap of Angels by Nancy Calef

Flaps of Angels, oil, sculpture, mud flaps, doll parts, found objects on canvas, 24" x 36"

Spirit of Democracy by Nancy Calef

Spirit of Democracy, oil, sculpture, computer parts, foun objects on canvas, 48" x 60"

Downtown      oil, sculpture, fabric, paper, found objects on canvas      36" x 48"

No Free Lunch

No Free Lunch       oil, sculpture, fabric, paper, found objects on canvas         48" x 48"

The  near future of commercial travel is highlighted:  advertisements blare on the 
overhead compartments, while the air hostess sells oxygen, toilet paper and water. 
Bernie Madoff sits beside a woman studying up on his corruption in Madoff Gate.

Composition in Alter Ego Major

Composition in Alter Ego Major
         oil, sculpture, fabric, found objects on canvas         36" x 36"

Double Trouble

Stupor Market   oil, sculpture, fabric, paper, found objects on canvas    48" x 48"

Addressing the toxins in our every day foods.

Bread to Chips

Bread to Chips
      oil, sculpture, fabric, paper, computer chips, found objects on canvas      40" x 30"

We dine out in style, but our food has changed due to technology infiltrating every aspect of our lives. 
The couple toasts their testtubes, the bread basket holds computer parts; the waiter serves keyboard lettered "BIOTECH," the painting of the incubated apple symbolizes our adaptation to processed foods.

We Got You Covered by Nancy Calef

We Got You Covered    oil, sculpture, paper, found objects on on canvases     36" x 48"

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Check, Please
Zoned Calef
Day at the Circus
Spirit of Democracy Calef
Playing For Your Supper
No Free Lunch
Brave New World - Calef
Red Bikini

Inevitability Line       oil, sculpture, fabric, paper, found objects on canvas          48" x 60"

Live Show

Beyond the Curtain
     oil, sculpture, computer parts, found objects, leather on canvas          36 " x 48"


Interiors   oil, sculpture, barbie doll parts, found objects, on canvases 30" x 13" x 3"

Brave New World by Nancy Calef

Brave New World      oil, sculpture, fabric, computer parts, found objects, mixed media on canvas      52" x 70"

Tai Chi by Nancy Calef

Tai Chi, oil, sculpture, fabric, found objects on canvas, 30" x 40"
The Threshold
Stupor Market
Inevitability Line
We Got You Covered
bread to chips
Patriot Act
Threshold by Nancy Calef
Composition in Alter Ego Major
Flaps of Angels  Tai Chi by Nancy Calef
No. 72
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