Nancy Calef Gallery


Music has become essential to my creative process. Using piano and my vocals,
I'm working to capture and perform the melodies and lyrics I hear in my head.

Nancy Calef Joe Gilardi Live Worms 2018               Nancy Calef performs Bird & Beckett, SF
Nancy Calef & Joe Garardi - Live Worms Gallery, SF, CA         Performing originals & covers at
by Jody Weiner 2018                                                                Bird & Beckett, SF, CA photo by Joe Cimino 2017

Nancy Calef performs at Specs              Nancy Calef Beat Museum 2015   

Specs, SF                                                                      Performing originals at the Beat Museum, SF, CA
photo by Jody Weiner 2017                                        photo by Eduardo Bonsi 2015

Nancy Calef, Will Rogers                  Nancy Calef performs at Emerald Tablet
Nancy Calef, Will Rogers & Joe Garardi -                        Nancy Calef at Emerald Tablet, San Francisco,
Live Worms Gallery, SF photo by Raven Osborne          photo by Della Heywood

Nancy Calef & Bob Bralove Emerald Tablet             Nancy Calef Ned Boynton band Caffe Trieste
Nancy Calef, Bob Bralove at Emerald Tablet        Nancy Calef, Ned Boynton Band - Surfer Roma, Caffe Trieste
photo by Judy On photo                                          photo by Stewart Bloom

Bob Bralove & Nancy Calef

Nancy Calef, Bob Bralove, Expressions Gallery
Photo by Joe Cimino

Right Into The Sun - Music & lyrics by Nancy Calef
Engineered by Nancy Calef