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Works on Canvas- 3D Abstracts

The latest progression of Nancy Calef's iconoclastic style involves cutting through painted canvases and transforming them into a unified work. 

By tearing down one or more existing works at a time, manipulating them, and then painting into the re-configured whole, adding found objects and sculpture, she leaves portions of the underlying picture(s) in tact, resulting in a cohesively transformed multi-dimensional piece.

Window of Opportunity

Window of Opportunity     oil, sculpture, found objects on canvases 16" x 20" x 4"
Dream House
Three Birds - Calef
Wine Country Calef
Dream Squared
divine intervention
The Kiss

The Kiss     oil and mixed media on canvases    18" x 14"

Wine Country

Eagle and the Duck     oil, found objects, computer parts, wood, led light, on canvases (3)   16" x 20"   
Dream Squared

Dream Squared    oil on canvasses (2)    36" x 48"


Three Birds by Nancy Calef

Three Birds, oil, wood on canvasses, 16" x 20"

Wine Country by Nancy Calef

Wine Country, oil, jewels, found objects on canvases (3), 16" x 20"

Women by Nancy Calef

The Women, oil, sculpture, fabric, found objects on canvasses (3), 16" x 20"
Stairway To Heaven by Nancy Calef

Stairway To Heaven, oil, computer parts, wood, found objects on canvas, 16" x 20"

Crashing Water by Nancy Calef

Crashing Waves, oil on canvasses, 12 x 16"

Tipsy by Nancy Calef

Tipsy   oil, tile, wood, jewels, found objects on canvasses (3), 18" x 24"
Marriage by Nancy Calef

Marriage  oil, found objects on canvasses (3) 20" x 20"

The Women - Calef
Stairway to Heaven by Nancy Calef
my east meets west
Tipsy Calef
     The Kiss Crashing Water Road to Enlightenment soul deconstruction Eagle and the Duck
Living Tree
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My East Meets West

My East Meets West      oil on canvases       24" x 30"

Road to Enlightenmentb

Road to Enlightenment     oil, found objects, semi-precious stones, on canvases      19" x 27"

Viagra      oil & paper on canvases      24" x 30"

Auto focus

Auto focus, oil, sculpture, fabric, camera parts, found objects on canvases    
36" x 38"

Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention     oil, sculpture, green fluorite stones, turquoise, on canvases       
24" x 20"
Soul Decomposition

Soul Decomposition      oil on canvases      24" x 30"

Dream House

Dream House       oil on canvases      18" x 24"

jazzen semble

Living Tree     oil, sculpture and found objects on canvases      30" x 24"