THE INVESTIGATION, oil, sculpture, fabric, found objects on canvas, 36" x 60"  completed 2020
Rachel Maddow, MSNBC
Pres. Barack Obama
Sec. Hillary Clinton
Rep. Nancy Pelosi, CA
Jane Fonda
Pres. Joseph Biden
Kali, Hindu Goddess of Time, Creation, Destruction & Power
Megyn Kelly, NBC
Sen. Diane Feinstein, CA
Sen. Chuck Schumer, NY
Steve Bannon
Pres. Bill Clinton
Pres. Vladimir Putin, Russia
Jullian Assange
Jeff Sessions, US AG
Gov. Jerry Brown, CA
Kim Jong-un, N. Korea
Sen. John McCain, AZ
Stephen Colbert
Kellyanne Conway
Donald Trump
Rep. John Lewis, GA
Sally Yates, fmr. AG
Gen. Michael Flynn
James Comey
Don Lemon CNN
VP Mike Pence
Michelle Obama
Jared Kushner
Ivanka Trump
Gen. James Mattis
Pres. George Bush
Fact Checker
Fake News Channel
Book of
Alternative Facts
Michael Moore
Sec. Rex Tillerson
Robert Mueller
Mexican Wall
Sen. Elizabeth Warren, MA
Robert Mueller Christiane Amanpour, CNN
Sec. Robert Reich
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, UT
Kimberly Guilfoyle, FOX
Sen. Bernie Sanders, VT
Sen. Mitch McConnell, KY
Eric Holder, Fmr. US AG
William Barr
Sen. Kamala Harris, CA
Rep. Barbara Lee, CA
LaDonna Bravebull,
Lakota activist
Environment vs. Them
Animals vs. Them
Citizens vs. Them

For months, I've been working on this vignette-filled journey in search of "the objective truth" through historical characters relevant to our current political landscape.  Kali, the Hindu goddess of Time, Creation, Destruction and Power embraces her children in the midst of global power struggles; the politicians gamble, juggling honesty and suppression of facts, while masked terrorists ignite chaos and the Fake News channel craves an interview. TV president has his tiny thumb on Lady Justice's scales, imprisons the press and chips away at the fabric of Democracy, distracting the public with the antics of his cadre of advisors, political appointees and family goons. ┬áLiberty balances on a surfboard as immigrants depart through the Mexican wall.  Michelle Obama feeds information to the animal kingdom, as Senators gather around the fact checker. The election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris promises to lead the country in a more humane direction.

Nancy Calef

Andrea Mitchell MSNBC
dianne feinstein jane fonda Kellyanne Conway kali Hillary Clinton Terrorist terrorist Kellyanne Conway christianeamanpour MegynKelly sally yates spy jamescomey steve bannon melaniatrump vladimirputin johnmccain Julian Assange encryption Lakota John Lewis Kimberly Guilfoyle  Nancy Pelosi Kamala Harris Barbara Lee Trump jeff sessions Robert Muller kim jong un robert reich William Barr stephen colbert williambarr eric holder Barack Obama jared kushner ivanka trump andrea mitchell don lemon michelle obama chuck schumer mitch mcconnell mike pence general mattis elizabeth warren bernie sanders rachelmaddow george bush Joe Biden bill clinton mike flynn spy factchecker fakenews  alternative facts hillarydetail rex tillerson animaldet Robert Mueller Robert Mueller Robert Mueller computerchipdet Robert Mueller Robert Mueller mexican wall animals vs. them spy

                                    ROLLOVER FACES & TITLES TO IDENTIFY -- see description below