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Winter Hours

November 8, 2013 - January 14, 2014

Glass Door Gallery
245 Columbus Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94133



Neighborhoods & Characters

December 5, 2013 - January 19, 2014

Emerald Tablet

80 Fresno Street
San Francisco, CA 94133


Writers Who Paint/Drawers Who Write
Group Gallery Exhibition:  September 27 - October 20, 2013
artists' original work featured during the Litquake Festival

Emerald Tablet
Litquake Event with writers/artists
October 12, 2013, Saturday, 7:30 pm
Reading from "Peoplescapes -- My Story from Purging to Painting"


Oakland City Center
1111 Broadway, Oakland, CA
June 15, 2013 - August 2013
curated by Alex Cefalo, ALC Design



Peoplescapes My Story

My Story From Purging To Painting

an illustrated memoir

By Nancy Calef
with Jody Weiner

includes 150 original drawings and paintings in full color


copyright 2014


Beacon Group Ventures
Chase Bank
2150 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA
curated by Alex Cefalo,
ALC Design

Playing For Your Supper
oil, sculpture, fabric, found objects,
paper, on canvas, 48" x 48"

copyright 2014
Nancy Calef Gallery all rights reserved

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  Nancy Calef is a multi-media artist whose paintings involve a socio-political narrative. While juxtaposing people in all manner of contemporary situations, Calef addresses challenging issues facing society ("Peoplescapes"). 

By breaking the plane of the canvas with sculpture and found objects, Nancy adds the 3rd dimension, bringing humor and depth of character to difficult subjects. Calef has also created a body of plein-air work as a result of studying the culture and landscape of the many countries she has visited.

“Brueghel meets the underground stylings of artists like Spain and S. Clay Wilson in the oil and mixed-media paintings of Nancy Calef, whose "peoplescapes" are on display at a cutting-edge North Beach gallery.”  SF Chronicle

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